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Having a baby changes everything, but it doesn't have to mean losing great talent!

I made it my life's work to empower birthing families to have their best birth experience. Now, I offer that same insight as a benefit for thriving companies and their expectant employees.

While focusing on recruitment solutions, productivity and employee retention you will be able to support your expectant employees on their journey from growing their families to returning to your employ following family leave.

My focus is to offer nonjudgemental support and individualize provider and vendor choices that best support your employees ideals while keeping them productive and focused on their job. When you delegate tasks, you can focus on your most important tasks and you employees will be able to be more productive with others delegated to searching for their needed support.
Helping new families transition from the maternity period using proven strategies for returning to their profession, while maintaining equilibrium, remains a priority. 
As an International Childbirth Educator I educate my clients to avoid iatrogenic complications during their births which allow them to more smoothly transition back to work.

Maternity Momentum will provide the Human element to your Human Resources with an extensive database and knowledge of available support for your expectant employees individual needs.